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Mitsui Fudosan / DX “Hata Luck” improved workability at 40 facilities such as LaLaport

On May 24, Mitsui Fudosan is a store management app developed by Knowledge Merchant Works for shop staff working at about 40 commercial facilities such as “Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport” and “Mitsui Outlet Park” managed and operated by the group. Announced that it will introduce “Luck”.

By introducing this system, we will start the “Mitsui Shopping Park Staff Circle”, an initiative to create a comfortable working environment and a prosperous community. Utilizing the app “Hata Luck” that integrates functions that realize ease of work, we provide various support and services from both software and hardware to each of the approximately 100,000 shop staff working in the group’s commercial facilities. Efforts to improve workability and job satisfaction.

Up until now, posters on the bulletin board in the facility, handouts, and messages via the store manager have been the main means of communication within the facility, using the app to link and share necessary information in real time. Realize smooth communication through real-time information transmission and sharing.

In addition, to support the improvement of shop management productivity, the burden of analog work such as daily shift management and business communication is reduced. Communication between staff members can be distinguished from private means of communication by using a dedicated talk room.

By giving stars and complimenting each other, the staff will improve motivation and create a good working environment.

In addition, we will digitize employee ID cards, expand benefits and welfare services for staff, and provide training and self-development support through online distribution.

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Smooth communication through real-time information transmission and sharing

Reducing the burden of analog work

Digitalization of employee ID card