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UNIQLO / Announcement of views in media reports on product import suspension in the US

UNIQLO announced its view on May 25 after some reports reported that UNIQLO’s cotton shirt products had been suspended from imports by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the United States. did.

According to the company, “There is no fact that forced labor was confirmed in the production process of our products. Therefore, the products are not subject to seizure and are only an import injunction to the United States.” ..

The injunction arose from a series of import restrictions imposed by CBP on cotton products. Import suspension has been applied to some cotton shirt products made by sewing cotton produced outside China at a factory in China.

UNIQLO, on the other hand, presents the certificate of origin of the raw materials of the product and information on the production process from spinning to sewing of the product, and there is no fact of forced labor in its own supply chain, so there is no problem in importing the product. I have explained that.

CBP has approved documents regarding the origin of raw materials for the relevant products, and in some cases imports of products manufactured in the same production process have been approved, but this time, UNIQLO’s explanation was not approved.

Not limited to this case, UNIQLO has made respect for human rights in the supply chain a top priority under the policy of not tolerating any forced labor. Regardless of the production area, the supply chain is building a solid system that does not cause human rights violations such as forced labor.

UNIQLO will work with CBP to ensure smooth import customs clearance in the United States.