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Don Quijote / Singapore 8th store “DON DON DONKI Harbourfront store” will open.

Pan Pacific International Holdings, which operates Don Quijote and others, will open the “DON DON DONKI Harbor Front store” in Singapore on October 30th.

“DON DON DONKI” is a “Japan brand specialty store” that has a lineup of almost all products made in Japan or products for the Japanese market. This time, we will open a store in the large commercial facility “HarbourFront Center” located at the entrance of the resort area Sentosa Island.

The nearest “HarbourFront” station has two subways, the North East Line and the Circle Line, and this is the first “DON DON DONKI” store to open along the Circle Line. It becomes.

Furthermore, since it is located in a good location directly connected to the station, we will offer a wide variety of products, including fresh food, daily necessities, cosmetics, and home appliances, assuming that customers with diverse needs will come to the store.

In particular, new products as well as Japanese food culture, such as Japanese fruits and vegetables, in-store cooked side dishes, freshly sushi, and other popular products in Singapore, as well as cosmetics corners for trend-conscious customers. We aim to create a store that can embody the joy of shopping and the dissemination of information and “excitement and excitement”.

The store will be the eighth in Singapore.

■ DON DON DONKI HarbourFront store

Business hours: 10:00 to 23:00
Location: 1 Maritime Square, # 03-23 ​​to 38 HarbourFront Center, Singapore 099253
Transportation: Directly connected to public transportation / subway “HarbourFront MRT” station
Opening date: October 30, 2020 (Friday) 10:00 am (Singapore time)
Sales floor area: 1404cubic meters
Building structure: 1st to 13th floors above ground (including 3rd floor for new store sales facilities)
Product composition: Food, fresh food (fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, meat, prepared foods), sake, daily consumables, household goods, cosmetics,
Clothing, home appliances, toys, variety, etc.
Parking lot: 1094 cars (shared facility)
Operation Company: Pan Pacific International Holdings

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