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Hankyu Hanshin Department Store / Buyer’s new project “Culture Hunter” video introduces products

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store announced on November 10 that it will start a new project to introduce the unique cultures of domestic and foreign countries found by buyers with videos.

In addition to distributing the culture as a video, the products that appear in the video will also be sold on EC.

The first installment introduces “dajac,” which produces flat baffle speakers using a skateboard deck.

At the store, a showrooming type limited-time sales floor will be developed.

Regardless of the genre, culture hunters look for “things that are born from people who live their own way,” especially cultures that have had few contacts with department stores.

By jumping into the culture that the buyer himself has found and conducting close coverage, we will introduce it so that customers who are not familiar with that culture can feel the charm.

Yukine Matsuda, the founder of the first “dajac”, will create an original creation that combines the speaker making and deck molding technology learned from each different master.

She is a person who lives by her own personality, and she wants to convey the charm of her and the culture that surrounds her.


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