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October economic trends / “Retail” and “Restaurant” positive for 2 consecutive months

Teikoku Databank announced the “TDB Business Conditions Survey (nationwide)” (October 2020) on November 5th.

The economic DI in October 2020 increased by 2.2 points from the previous month to 33.8 for the fifth consecutive month.

The domestic economy has been recovering moderately, albeit at a low level, with upward production / shipment and personal consumption.

It was positive in 9 industries excluding “Other” out of 10 industries and 46 out of 51 industries.

“Manufacturing” continued to pick up mainly in the automobile industry, and “services” increased significantly for “inns / hotels”.

< “Retail” plus for 2 consecutive months>

“Retail” (34.8) increased 2.7 points month-on-month. It was positive for the second straight month.

One year has passed since the consumption tax rate was raised to 10%, and with the influence of the new coronavirus, many industries are recovering to a level close to the same month of the previous year.

“Home appliances and information equipment retail” (up 3.6 points from the previous month) showed a significant increase in business sentiment for information home appliances retail such as mobile phones.

“Food and beverage retailers” (up 4.8 points) are seeing an increase in food retailers for ready-to-eat meals.

In “Textiles / Textiles / Clothing Retail” (up 7.9 points), the unit sales price DI (up 50.5, 4.9 points) exceeded 50 for the first time in 8 months.

According to the business operator, “Although the inbound decline was compensated by special demand centered on hygiene products, the portion of special demand is currently shrinking” (pharmaceutical retailing), “Sales in the retail industry, especially in shopping centers in central Tokyo. I feel that the recovery of the product is delayed. “(Shoe retailer) and other comments were received.

<Sales DI is low even after 2 consecutive months of increase in “restaurants”>

“Ryokan / Hotel” (up 14.8 points) increased by double digits, the largest increase ever. There was a recovery trend in the capacity utilization rate and unit sales price, mainly in local inns and hotels.

In “entertainment services” (up 1.3 points), there is no movement to pick up at fitness clubs and pachinko halls.

“Restaurant” (up 3.7 points) has been positive for the second straight month, but the capacity utilization rate DI (up 31.7, 5.0 points) and sales DI (up 19.1, 3.9 points) have continued to be low.

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