NTT/”Window-through conversation device” that allows you to talk through the drive-through window glass

On November 24, NTT DoCoMo and NTT TechnoCross will release a “window-through conversation device” that enables conversation through the window glass of automobiles, etc., utilizing NTT’s acoustic signal processing technology.

From the viewpoint of preventing the infection of the new coronavirus, the demand for communication in an environment isolated from each other is increasing at medical sites, restaurants and shops.

In order to reduce the risk of droplet infection, it is desirable to have a conversation with the windows completely closed in drive-through, etc., but the problem is that it is difficult to convey the sound and hear each other’s voices by sealing it. was.

“Window-through conversation device” realizes smooth conversation by pressing the device against the closed window glass or acrylic plate. It contributes to the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus without interfering with communication.

A handset-type device equipped with window talk technology developed by NTT Media Intelligence Laboratories. When talking while pressing the device against the closed window glass or acrylic plate, the built-in exciter (vibrating element) vibrates the glass or acrylic plate, and the voice can be transmitted to the other party.

The other party’s voice is collected by the built-in microphone (vibration pickup) of the device and can be heard with the earphone microphone. When talking in both directions using a device equipped with such a microphone and speaker, echo and howling may occur and interfere with the conversation, but this device is an echo canceller, which is a window talk technology. By doing so, it is possible to realize smooth two-way conversation without opening windows.

It is expected to be used for drive-through outpatient clinics (PCR tests, etc.), long-term care, interviews at medical sites, and customer service at stores.

< Specifications>
Size: 225 x 70 x 58 mm
Weight: 220g (excluding batteries)
Power supply: 2 AA batteries (compatible with rechargeable batteries)

<You can talk through the drive-through window glass>

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