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AEON Delight / Antibacterial and antiviral film attached to 24,000 vending machines

On December 10, AEON Delight completed the application of antibacterial and antiviral films to vending machines managed by AEON Delight as one of the measures against contact infection under the corona in about 24,000 units.

The company will give priority to hospitals and stores with high publicity from July, aiming to attach antibacterial and antiviral films to all managed vending machines.

The antibacterial / antiviral film is a SIAA mark-acquired product that has both antibacterial and antiviral functions and has the effect of suppressing the growth of bacteria to 1/100. It is affixed to parts that may be touched frequently, such as product selection buttons, coin slots, and product outlets.

<Attach antibacterial / antiviral film to vending machine>

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