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USMH / Plantex and vegetable “manufacturing and retailing” will start in earnest in 2021

United Super Markets Holdings (USMH) announced on December 11 that it has signed a basic agreement with Plantex on the study of next-generation vegetable manufacturing and retail services.

Both companies have begun studying a vegetable manufacturing retailer (SPF: Specialty store retailer of Private label Foods) model. Vegetables are cultivated while scientifically controlling their growth in a completely closed environment of a plant factory. Aim to start operation of USMH factory and produce and sell vegetables by the end of 2021.

The vegetables to be produced are assumed to be leafy vegetables.

Plantex utilizes the technology that the company has cultivated so far to control the growth and composition of plants by dividing “light, air, nutrient solution” into more than 20 parameters and controlling them individually. Responsible for production management of cultivation facilities and variety development at research facilities.

In addition to developing products in collaboration with Plantex, USMH directly distributes and sells vegetables produced at cultivation facilities through its own sales network as its own vegetable brand “green growers”. Develop a consistent manufacturing and retail model from product development to production and sales.

Through this initiative, we have achieved freshness by shortening the time from harvesting to selling vegetables, built a stable supply system that is not affected by climate variability and natural disasters, and developed and produced our own vegetable brand. Not only the taste, but also the cultivation method, the environmental load of the production process, sustainability, social significance, etc. are highly interested, and we will respond to diversifying customer needs.

<Start of “manufacturing and retailing” of vegetables>


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