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Lawson / Introduced “Short-term recruitment service” experiment for sudden shifts

Lawson has introduced a short-term human resources recruitment service “matchbox” provided by Lawson staff of affiliated companies for 500 stores in the Kanto area from December 12th as an initiative to recruit employees. Start the experiment.

The experiment will be carried out for about 3 months until the end of February 2021, and based on the verification results, it will be introduced nationwide after March 2021.

The target areas for the experiment are Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, and some areas in Tokyo.

“Matchbox” is a short-term human resources recruitment service provided by Lawson Staff, an affiliated company established by Lawson as a member store in 2014. A system in which the store side applies for a job at least 3 hours before working hours, registered job seekers apply for a store that meets their own conditions, and the store side selects human resources.

Unlike ordinary temporary staffing, the store employs directly, and the store pays the job seeker a salary for working hours and a commission set according to the working hours to Lawson Staff. thing.

Because it is directly hired by the store, the commission is cheaper than that of regular temporary staffing.

In addition, Lawson staff will make a replacement payment once, and the expenses will be settled by Lawson’s monthly accounting process. Recruitment of job seekers to register will be carried out through cooperation with external recruitment sites, SNS advertisements, etc.

In the convenience store industry, labor shortages have been a major issue. Although the number of applicants has been increasing this year, there are many requests for personnel arrangements in the event of sudden absenteeism due to illness or personal circumstances.

On the other hand, an increasing number of people are hoping for a variety of work styles, such as “I want to work a little while raising children” and “I want to work as a side job in my spare time.”

In a preliminary experiment conducted in June at a total of three stores in Saitama and Kanagawa prefectures, matching was established for all 10 shifts recruited, resulting in the elimination of shift vacancy.

<Summary of the “Matchbox”>

■ Experiment outline
Implementation period: Work from December 12, 2020 to February 28, 2021
Target stores: Approximately 500 stores in Saitama prefecture (Saitama city, etc.), Chiba prefecture (Funabashi city, Matsudo city, Ichikawa city, Kashiwa city, etc.), Tokyo (Shinjuku ward, Shibuya ward, Nakano ward, Suginami ward, Tama area)

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