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Izumi / “Shopping basket sterilizer” introduced at 4 stores in Fukuoka Prefecture

On May 14, Izumi will introduce “shopping basket sterilization equipment” at four stores in Youme Town Hakata, Youme Town Chikushino, Youme Town Kurume, and Youme Town Omuta.

By irradiating the shopping cart with ultraviolet rays, the device can sterilize not only the handle portion of the shopping basket but also the entire shopping basket more effectively and in a shorter time than before.

The shopping basket sterilizer is the verification result of the inactivating effect of the new coronavirus by the Department of Infectious Diseases, Hiroshima University Hospital (Location: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture) (The inactivating effect of the new coronavirus is 99.9% or more (direct irradiation part of ultraviolet rays) ), Hirotech (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, co-produced with Yo.

Ultraviolet rays have the effect of inactivating various viruses, and the device utilizes that principle. In consideration of safety, in addition to a mechanism that does not irradiate ultraviolet rays when the shopping cart is not installed correctly, measures such as stopping irradiation immediately when the door is opened during irradiation have been taken.

On the other hand, the acrylic plate used for the outer plate has the property of blocking ultraviolet (shopping basket sterilizer) lines, so there is no effect on the human body.

The equipment has been installed in advance at two stores in Hiroshima Prefecture (Yume Town Hiroshima and Youme Mart Yawata) from April 30th.

In the future, it aims to expand the introduction of “shopping basket sterilization equipment” with high sterilization performance, and will strive to deliver safety and security to customers and local people.