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Loft / 3rd overseas directly managed store, “Kakufu Road Loft” at Oetsujo SC, Shanghai

Loft’s subsidiary “Loft Commercial Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.” will open “Chufu Lu Loft”, which will be three overseas directly managed stores, on May 15, a popular commercial facility located in Jing’an District, Shanghai, China. Opened on the 3rd floor of the castle (Dayuechen) SC.

It will be the third directly managed store in China and the second directly managed store in Shanghai. Oetsujo SC is a popular trend spot for young people with many Japanese tenants, and proposes the “now” of Japanese miscellaneous goods culture as a miscellaneous goods producing company for the highly sensitive digital generation in Shanghai.

At Qufu Road Loft (Chulu Loft), about 9,500 carefully selected items such as stationery miscellaneous goods and character miscellaneous goods are available. The breakdown is about 2100 types of beauty and health miscellaneous goods, about 4200 types of stationery miscellaneous goods, about 2300 types of variety miscellaneous goods, about 500 types of household goods, and 400 types of loft market for a limited time.

From May 15th, “Summer Festival (Summer Festival in Japan)” will be held as an opening project. We develop Japanese miscellaneous goods that you can feel Japan with a focus on lucky charms and accessories. We propose recommended products as summer souvenirs and greeting gifts.

As a summer market event, a summer market to commemorate the opening of the store will be held with the “Shirakawa Daruma”, which is known as a prayer doll with a history of about 300 years, as a lucky charm. The Shirakawa Daruma, which is also known for praying with a wish for an auspicious Daruma doll that incorporates “Tsurukame Shochikuume,” will be available in a full line.

In addition, we will sell “TERADA MOKEI”, an interior model brand established in February 2011 by architect / designer Naoki Terada and Fukunaga Paper Works, which can express the city and landscape in 1/100 size. It is a product that allows you to create a small miniature city like a plastic model by cutting out a paper sheet cut out from parts of the city such as people, animals, vehicles, and buildings.

Furthermore, from the same day, POP UP “All-Member Assembly! ONE PIECE Voyage King Departure Festival !!” will be held.

As an opening project, about 750 kinds of miscellaneous goods of the popular work “ONE PIECE”, which started serialization in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 1997, will be gathered. Key chains with gel balls (3 types) are sold in advance, and straw die-cut acrylic badges (11 types) and fruit pattern can badges (9 types) are usually sold blindly, but at special events, the contents will be available in a special package.

Since the establishment of Shibuya Loft (inside Seibu Shibuya store) in 1987, Loft has been proposing various lifestyles to consumers through miscellaneous goods while always feeling the atmosphere of the times with the theme of “time vessel”. I’ve been doing it. Since the company was spun off in 1996, Loft has been increasing the number of stores, with 135 stores in Japan and 7 stores overseas.

■ Qufu Road Loft (Chulu Loft)
Location: 3rd floor, Shanghai Daeetsu Castle, 166 Xizang North Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, China
Business hours: 10:00 to 22:00
Business area: 591m2 (standard store type)
Number of products: Approximately 9,500 types