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“BELLE MAISON” new format opened at Tokyo Station / Gransta Tokyo

On May 21, JR East, Senshukai, and JR East Cross Station will open a new format real shop “BELLE MAISON” for mail-order sales “BELLE MAISON” in the Marunouchisaka area of ​​the commercial facility “GRANSTA Tokyo” on the first floor of the JR Tokyo station. To open.

At the real shop, targeting office workers who go to Marunouchi, we propose custom-made pumps (37 colors), flat shoes (31 colors), and shoes that are perfect for customers with 3D foot measuring instruments.

In addition to handling bags and weather-friendly products that are convenient for commuting, a Disney corner will be set up to make the shop a place you’ll want to stop by every day.

In addition, you can create a “My List” on your smartphone by scanning the barcode of the product you are interested in with the dedicated app “JRE MALL MY LIST SHOPPING”. You can also purchase at JRE MALL from “My List” at any time.

“JRE MALL MY LIST SHOPPING” seamlessly connects JRE MALL with an offline place where many people on the live activity line, Ekinaka, come and go in order to demonstrate the synergistic effect of JRE MALL with real customer contact points such as stations. It was developed as a linked system for the purpose of improving convenience.

You can check the products even after you leave the store by putting the information of the products you saw, touched, and tried at the store in your own “My List” and take them home. You can buy the products you tried in JRE MALL with confidence.

In addition, by grasping needs through the app, it will provide services that are closer to customers and provide a comfortable shopping experience.