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Nojima / Free support for new corona vaccination reservations for the elderly

Nojima Co., Ltd. announced on May 18 that it will support elderly people’s corona vaccination reservations free of charge at five stores in Kanagawa Prefecture.

When you call the store and come to the store, the store staff will assist you in making vaccination reservations face-to-face. All staff will wear masks, measure the temperature, and thoroughly disinfect and ventilate.

When you come to the store, you need to bring an “inoculation ticket” and “a smartphone or other item that shows your e-mail address”.

It will be handled at 5 computer schools in Kanagawa prefecture, which are attached to Nojima stores. Corresponding stores are Sagamihara Main School (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture), Miyamae School (Kawasaki City), Yokohama Shiki no Mori School (Yokohama City), Kamakura School (Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture), Shonandai Port (Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture) There is.

Currently, local governments have begun vaccination against the coronavirus in the elderly. From the 17th, the Ministry of Defense has started making reservations for large-scale inoculation centers in Tokyo and Osaka.

Basically, the method of receiving inoculation differs depending on the municipality, and most of them are applied via the website, LINE, or telephone. An inoculation ticket will be mailed to those who are eligible for inoculation, and the application method will be written in it.

However, some people who are not accustomed to using computers and smartphones say that the reservation work itself is difficult and difficult to handle.

Some people can be helped by family members and helpers who are accustomed to information equipment, but many people cannot make reservations even if the vaccination ticket arrives. Therefore, it is said that some Nojima stores have started to support reservations for corona vaccination.

First, it will be conducted on a trial basis at a computer school in Nojima stores, and will be gradually expanded to all Nojima stores (196 stores).

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