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Rakuten x Japan Post / Logistics business joint venture “JP Rakuten Logistics” newly established

On April 28, Rakuten Group newly established “JP Rakuten Logistics” with Japan Post, a subsidiary of Japan Post Holdings, and simply absorbed the rights and obligations of Rakuten’s logistics business to JP Rakuten Logistics. After the split, Rakuten and Japan Post announced that they have signed an integration agreement regarding investment in JP Rakuten Logistics and a shareholder agreement regarding the operation of JP Rakuten Logistics.

Rakuten and Japan Post have been promoting the alliance for some time, and in December 2020, aiming to further strengthen the alliance, and in December 2020, a basic agreement for a strategic alliance aimed at realizing a healthy and sustainable logistics environment. Is concluded. We are promoting collaboration in logistics, fintech, marketing for mobile users, etc., and the establishment of a joint venture is part of that strategy.

Specifically, by establishing a new company, the labor-saving and automated distribution center invested and developed by Rakuten will be incorporated into the delivery network of Japan Post and jointly operated through a joint venture to realize distribution DX. Aim to “improve customer UX”, “shorten lead time”, “improve logistics efficiency” using AI, and “maximize delivery capacity” by utilizing apps.

We will also jointly work on next-generation delivery using drones and UGVs.

At the beginning of the joint venture, we mainly handle packages for EC services centered on Rakuten Ichiba, but in the future, we are considering building an open platform in which other delivery companies and shippers can participate.

The date of conclusion of the split agreement is scheduled to be May 2021, and the effective date of the split is scheduled to be July 1, 2021. Payment of investment is expected on July 1, the same day after the split takes effect.

■ JP Rakuten Logistics GK

  • The organization will be changed to a joint-stock company on July 2, 2021 after the investment, and the trade name will be changed to JP Rakuten Logistics Co., Ltd.
    Location: Undecided after investment
    Business description: Logistics business
    Capital: 100 million yen after investment
    Date of establishment: May 2021 (planned)
    Investment ratio: After investment Japan Post 50.1%, Rakuten 49.9%