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Akita OPA / Next-generation shop that collects D2C brands that mainly sell EC

On December 1st, OPA Akita opened “Parc.1 happy shop”, a next-generation shop that collects 15 brands such as D2C (Direct to Consumer) fashion and miscellaneous goods, which are mainly sold on its own EC site. ..

Parc.1 happy shop has the themes of “art”, “vintage” and “fashion” for customers who sympathize with the idea of ​​purchasing what they really need in the best place and using it carefully that suits their lifestyle. We have a lineup of rare D2C brands.

The store will be located on the 1st floor of OPA Akita. Eight women’s and men’s brands such as “you ozeki” and “MONG SCENT”, three fashion miscellaneous goods brands, three lifestyle miscellaneous goods brands, and one stationery miscellaneous goods brand will open.

The store says that by fusing online and offline, it will support not only customers’ purchasing behavior but also life scenes.

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