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Gyu-Kaku, hot vegetables, etc./ Introduced non-contact “Robo customer service” for With Corona

On December 3rd, Colowide Group’s Rains International launched SoftBank Robotics’serving and transporting robot “Servi” with the cooperation of USEN of USEN-NEXT GROUP. It will be introduced in advance at some stores of Kamadoka and Tonkatsu Kagurazaka Sakura.

As the infection with the new coronavirus spreads, the company decided to introduce “Servi” to reduce contact opportunities with employees and dispel customer anxiety.

Servi works smoothly and can carry dishes and empty dishes in a stable manner. You can load food and other items from anywhere in 360 °. With a total load capacity of 35 kg, heavy tableware and multiple dishes are served at once. Customers can enjoy not only non-contact serving, but also a new experience of “a robot that speaks customer service”.

According to the company, “Servi is equipped with a high-performance sensor to realize smooth and safe movement. There is no blind spot in front, it avoids people and things smoothly, and it carries food stably. It is possible to pass through, and people can pass each other smoothly. ” However, the required passage width differs depending on the usage environment and usage method.

At Reins, as the number of part-time employees refraining from working due to the influence of the new coronavirus is increasing, Servi will be used to supplement the service capabilities.

Robots serve and transport food, and deliver freshly prepared food and drinks quickly, reducing the burden on employees and allowing more time to be spent on other customer service operations.

The robot will be operated in the early hours of the day and evening when it is difficult for employees to gather to maximize sales efficiency. We are considering introducing it to 200 stores in the future.

The stores to be introduced in advance are “Gyu-Kaku Shirai Store”, “Gyukaku Buffet Tamasakai Store”, “Shabu-Shabu Onyasai Tomisato Store”, “Doma-Doma Kamedo Store”, “Kamadoka Akihabara Store”, and “Tonkatsu Kagurazaka Sakura Bajikoen Store” on December 20th. Scheduled until the day.

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