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IKEA / sharing economy type furniture assembly service nationwide expansion

On December 1st, IKEA Japan started a furniture assembly service nationwide in cooperation with AnyTimes, which operates the skill sharing app “ANYTIMES”.

ANYTIMES is a skill sharing app that provides you with what you are good at and what you want someone to help you with, such as daily chores and caring for your pet during your trip. Furniture assembly work has become one of the most popular requests.

The service is characterized by the low price of assembling furniture purchased from IKEA stores and online stores. The work is done by IKEA furniture assembly certified supporters, so it can provide high quality. Reservations can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the convenience of the user, and reservations can be made before shopping or on the day of purchase.

While customers can receive high-quality assembly services at a low price at their convenience, supporters also have the advantage of using their spare time to utilize their skills and earn income.

If operated correctly, it will be a modern version of helping each other in the neighborhood, a sharing economy service that benefits both users and supporters.

Since September 2019, IKEA has introduced training for ANYTIMES supporters who provide furniture assembly services in some areas of the Kanto region, and through ANITIMES, has provided furniture assembly agency services by IKEA furniture assembly certified supporters.

This time, from December 1st, in addition to the furniture assembly service ordered in stores and online, the furniture assembly service through ANYTIMES will be expanded nationwide.

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