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Nestle Japan / Launched smoothies with superfoods in collaboration with FANCL

On December 17, Nestlé Japan and FANCL will release “nesQino”, which allows you to easily enjoy smoothies with super food, at Nestlé’s online shop, FANCL’s mail-order sales, and some stores.

Neschino chooses a pack containing a superfood called “sashe” and a base pack, and mixes it with about 200 ml of water using a special blender “Q-cup” to easily superfood. You can enjoy the smoothie with it.

Six types of superfood sachet “Superfood Sachet” (1080 yen including tax) and three types of base sachet “Base Sachet” (540 yen) will be sold. Each box will be a product with 5 bags.

Superfood sachets include “Timeless Flare” with chia seeds, “Growing Booster” with acerola, “Start Fresh” with spirulina, “Screen Release” with wolfberry, “Flowing Wib” with cranberries, “Stay Sharp” with almonds is available.

Base sachets include “smoothie base” with apple, pear and banana, “milk base” with milk and cereal, and “oats base” with oats, rice and milk.

Purchases can be made through Nestlé’s online shop and FANCL mail order. Both have their own courses, and course applicants can use the cue cup for free.

The course at Nestlé’s online shop is 4860 yen for the “Nestlé Q-cup rental plan first 15 cups course” where you can choose 3 boxes each of base sash and superfood sash.

The “Nesquino” Q-cup rental plan, which selects 6 boxes each of the base sachet and the superfood sachet, is 9720 yen. Both courses allow you to order quantities and combinations at any time according to the user’s pace.

On the other hand, FANCL’s mail-order course is 4860 yen for the “Nesquino regular flight” 15-time course, which selects 3 boxes each of the base sachet and superfood sachet, and “Nesquino”, which selects 6 boxes each of the base sachet and superfood sachet. Regular flight “30 times course” is 9720 yen.

FANCL’s course delivers your favorite products with free shipping once a month or once every two months. From the second time onward, the delivery date and product type can be changed freely. In addition, FANCL will sell 18 directly managed stores from one box of “superfood sachet” and “base sachet”.

Nestlé Japan has developed a new Nestlé Japan because people are becoming more aware of their health while they are busy with work and housework, and as a result, there is an increasing need to stick to natural materials. Nestlé and FANCL have decided to develop Nesquino as a joint business of both companies because they aim to contribute to the quality of life of Japanese consumers in the fields of nutrition and health.


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