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Nihon Chouzai / Prescription drug delivery experiment with “delivery locker with refrigeration function”

On December 10th, Nihon Chouzai started a demonstration experiment of prescription drug delivery using a delivery locker with a refrigerating function at “Nihon Chouzai Nezu Pharmacy” (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo).

This is the second joint project with a full-time system that develops and deploys “delivery lockers and smart pickup lockers” amid growing needs for non-contact communication due to the corona sickness.

In the experiment, a “smart pickup locker” (full-time locker) with a refrigerating function was used to establish a system that allows prescription drugs to be received 24 hours a day, to meet the needs for non-contact delivery of prescription drugs and to improve work efficiency. Verify.

The “smart pickup locker” used in the experiment is a delivery locker developed by a full-time system and has a highly visible touch panel. You can pick up your luggage just by holding the QR code over it, and it is designed with consideration for convenience.

Since the control of electric locks and usage history data are managed by a computer, it is also possible to manage whether or not a patient has received a prescription drug at a pharmacy. In addition, it is designed to keep the temperature inside the locker constant by providing a refrigerating function, and the temperature can be monitored 24 hours a day with a monitoring system.

When an abnormal temperature is reached, an alert is issued to the monitoring system, ensuring the quality of medicines in the locker. The locker touch panel equipped with a refrigerating function and an antibacterial sheet and the floor inside the locker are protected by an “antibacterial sheet”, which helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

<Locker with refrigerating function and antibacterial sheet>

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