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Shimamura / March-November, net income increased 70.5% to 21.5 billion yen. With effective inventory management reform.

According to Shimamura’s financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending February 2021, announced on December 28, sales were 40,453 million yen (up 2.6% year-on-year) and operating income was 31,161 million yen (up 64.5%). Ordinary income was 31,686 million yen (up 64.2%), and net income attributable to the parent company was 21,551 million yen (up 70.5%).

Of these, sales in Japan were sales of 40,436 million yen (up 2.6%), operating income of 31,418 million yen (up 62.1%), ordinary income of 31,921 million yen (up 59.9%), and quarterly net. Profit is 21,301 million yen (up 62.0%).

The EC site, which was opened in October as a new sales channel, has started up smoothly, and many customers receive products at stores, which is also effective in sending customers to actual stores.

In the mainstay Shimamura business, relaxing wear, sportswear, bedding and interiors became popular due to the demand for nesting, and sales of fiber-heated autumn / winter products increased due to the link between the temperature drop and sales floors and sales promotion.

In inventory management, we utilized a short-term production cycle in collaboration with suppliers, flexibly reviewed the budget allocation by department, and performed efficient inventory control, so that the amount of inventory for autumn and winter items became appropriate and the price was reduced. It also led to.

We have significantly reduced discount sales at cashiers and expanded digital advertisements that timely deliver WEB leaflets and video advertisements for various projects such as private brands and products compatible with new lifestyles to SNS.

During the cumulative third quarter, one store was opened, three stores were closed, and the number of stores was 1430. Sales were 306,985 million yen, up 1.0% from the same period of the previous year.

In the Avail business, 3 stores were opened and 4 stores were closed during the cumulative third quarter, and the number of stores was 318. Sales decreased by 1.3% from the same period of the previous year to 36,976 million yen.

In the birthday business, sales of “teteatete,” a brand jointly developed with suppliers that expanded the product lineup and expanded seasonal products ahead of schedule, increased, opening 6 stores and closing 4 stores during the cumulative third quarter. The number of stores was 299, and sales increased 15.5% year-on-year to 47,473 million yen.

For the full year, sales were 528,663 million yen (up 1.3%), operating income was 30,889 million yen (up 34.4%), ordinary income was 31,802 million yen (up 33.3%), and net income attributable to the parent company was 19.2 billion yen. It is expected to be 6 million yen (up 46.3%).

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